Challenges in Free View Video Coding and Processing

Free view, also referred to as multi-view and 3D technology, has changed our life significantly by introducing a more real life like experience when viewing video content such as movies, video communication such as teleconferencing and interactive gaming. Free view technology has immense commercial interest from world leading consumer electronics producers. Many believe this emerging area provides great opportunity to researchers from diverse research backgrounds and opportunities to work collaboratively in developing intelligent systems which can have significant impacts on our daily life.

The proposed special session is devoted to publishing high quality research papers on technical advancements and practical application solutions in the areas of free view technology. The scope of this session includes but is not limited to:

  • Improving coding efficiency of free view video transmission.
  • Managing error resilience in free view video transmission.
  • Improving synthesised views.
  • 3D content capturing, processing.
  • Interactive free view content processing.
  • Free view applications.
  • Quality assessment of free view systems.